Wednesday, August 20, 2014

LIFE STYLE: Live Intentionally

live less out of habit and more out of intent - typography inspirational

"Live less out of habit and more out of intent." This is where I'm at.
I've been letting this phrase guide me lately...because of that decision, it's been a great year. Daily, I ask myself how I'm applying this to my life and what it truly means to live this out. Other questions include: "how do I want to spend my time?" and, "Am I doing anything of actual value?" Let's be clear, I'm not just talking about life outside of a desk job... I'm talking about lifestyle...your relationships, how you spend each day and who you want to be. You have a choice.
I used to spend a lot of time wishing for more time to do the things I actually wanted to do or cared about doing, when in fact, I just wasn't being intentional about how I used my time each day. My day was based around a desk job I absolutely hated. It wore me out. That job was some decent experience in my field but wasn't necessary in the grand scheme of things. It held no value. I only kept habitually showing up day after day to fund the lifestyle I had created and been taught to have, a typical American lifestyle of having excessive objects and things which led to wanting more and more. In the mean time, I highly enjoyed my design endeavors and community involvement outside of that desk job. Why was that?...because it's based on growth and relationships. I decided those were the things I wanted to pursue because those things have lasting value.
Currently, I can (happily and excitedly) say I'm boldly restructuring my life around living intentionally.

Friday, August 15, 2014

TRENDING: Choker Necklaces

Choker Necklace Trend - fashion blog
I'm welcoming my old friend, the choker necklace, back to life. I had and made so many of these necklaces in the 90's, so many. These simple beauties are a big deal this fall. I'm looking forward to experimenting with the different styles and seeing how I can make this old trend from my grade school days, new again. Expect more posts to come and of course some styles in the shop!

Original photos: 1 /// 2 /// 3 /// 4 /// 5

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

GLAM & GRACE: Simple Bracelets

OH handmade bracelets - Glam & Grace handmade jewelry

Skinny and simplistic layering bracelets

Simplistic and minimalist handmade bracelets

connecting hearts bracelet

New bracelet designs available in the shop! Simplistic & minimal. Wear 1 or layer the different styles.  Get them at the Glam & Grace Shop!

Sunday, August 3, 2014

LIFESTYLE: Intro to My Minimalist Journey

Minimalism - Living with Less

We Collect, We Purchase, We Organize. Becoming Minimalist - Joshua Becker

I'm starting a new series here at Glam & Grace. I'd like to give you a glimpse of my journey with Minimalism & intentionally living with less. This, of course, includes why I walked away from my desk job and why I'm leaving my 2,000 sq foot house. Sounds a little crazy, right? Well, I guess it depends what you value (that's been my phrase lately). It's a very different lifestyle choice from the typical Americana sense of more, More, MORE!

Minimalism is about clearing the clutter of life and focusing on what's important. The past few years I've really been struggling with what it actually looks like to live out what I value most in life and I personally value my faith. I've been attempting to consistently take steps outside of my comfort zone to grow and learn what it's really like to live out what I believe.

I follow some pretty cool minimalist bloggers which you should check out: Becoming Minimalist and  The Minimalists. These dudes are pretty legit and I love reading what they have to say.

Right now I'm currently in the process of minimizing what I own and moving into a smaller space. I should have some interesting posts coming your way. Stay turned for the journey, guys and feel free to join me if you'd like.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

MY CLOSET: All Fringe Everything

Little Birdie Design Studio Scarf - handmade Akron

vintage upcycled fringe boots - handmade Akron, Ohio

Fringe fashion - Glendale Steps Akron Ohio

I was actually not intentional with this fringe overload. It just happened. (no shame)
My favorite item from this look is the handmade hanky scarf from Little Birdie Design Studio. I've gotten to hang with Little Birdie numerous times at various art events since 2011. I love all of her designs! This scarf, I finally bought at this past NOTO fashion show and it's added some serious style to my summer wardrobe. Note, that it's red and I paired it with the pink ombre dress, only a crazy person would do glad i'm that person.
Also, check it, I have a new pair Vintage up cycled boots available. They're a size 8.5 but fyi, I'm a 7 and I was able to wear them comfortably for this shoot. They're a lovely statement piece to add to your Summer to Fall style transition.

Hat: Nasty Gal  ///  Earrings:  Glam & Grace  ///  Sunglasses: Asos  ///  Scarf: Little Birdie Design Studio  ///  Dress: (get it here!)  ///  Zipper Bracelets: (get them here)  ///  Upcycled Vintage Boots: Glam & Grace

Saturday, July 19, 2014

DIY: Vintage Rattan Chair Makeover

DIY Vintage Rattan Chair makeover

Vintage Rattan Chair makeover - yarn

Vintage Rattan Chair makeover - yarn weaving

Vintage Rattan Chair makeover - geometric & tassels

Vintage Rattan Chair makeover - geometric & tassels

Spray paint solves all, is what I like to say. A fresh coat of paint transforms an item from trash to treasure (when using the right colors, of course.) This beauty of a chair was snatched up at Goodwill Akron for around $15. I'm one that can look past it's initial appearance of faded, stained and drab because in my head, a design party is taking place...imagining the possible new life for this aged chair.
Design Decisions:
I spray painted the whole things gold. Not a huge difference in tonal range from it's original color but it gave unity to the piece as well as added a lovely metallic sheen. Instant new life. Of course, I used to my go-to, inexpensive way of adding detail, color and texture...yarn. I experimented with weaving it throughout and around the edge. I created a cool focal geometric shape in the center...time consuming but worth it. Fringy tassels were also placed around the edge for interest.
Ok guys, let's hear from you, how would you have styled it?

Thursday, July 17, 2014


graphic pattern cat top - Quay mirror sunglasses

pink cut out ankle boots - Shoe Republic
bold summer accessories - mirrored sunglasses - woven Jcrew belt

Akron Cleveland Ohio fashion

Here's an outfit with a lil bit of cat love. When first seeing this bold feline graphic print top, it was instant attraction. Wearing this lets the world know that I am indeed crazy...without even having to open my mouth. What's better? It serves as an instant creeper repeller. Try it out, you'll thank me, ladies.

Mirrored Sunglasses: Quay (found on Poshmark)  ///  Earrings: Glam & Grace (available here)  Cross Body Bag: Nasty Gal  ///  Woven Belt: JCrew  ///  Cat Top: (available here)  ///  Asymmetrical Skort: (available here)  ///  Pink Cutout Boots: Urban OG (Shoe Republic)