Saturday, July 19, 2014

DIY: Vintage Rattan Chair Makeover

DIY Vintage Rattan Chair makeover

Vintage Rattan Chair makeover - yarn

Vintage Rattan Chair makeover - yarn weaving

Vintage Rattan Chair makeover - geometric & tassels

Vintage Rattan Chair makeover - geometric & tassels

Spray paint solves all, is what I like to say. A fresh coat of paint transforms an item from trash to treasure (when using the right colors, of course.) This beauty of a chair was snatched up at Goodwill Akron for around $15. I'm one that can look past it's initial appearance of faded, stained and drab because in my head, a design party is taking place...imagining the possible new life for this aged chair.
Design Decisions:
I spray painted the whole things gold. Not a huge difference in tonal range from it's original color but it gave unity to the piece as well as added a lovely metallic sheen. Instant new life. Of course, I used to my go-to, inexpensive way of adding detail, color and texture...yarn. I experimented with weaving it throughout and around the edge. I created a cool focal geometric shape in the center...time consuming but worth it. Fringy tassels were also placed around the edge for interest.
Ok guys, let's hear from you, how would you have styled it?

Thursday, July 17, 2014


graphic pattern cat top - Quay mirror sunglasses

pink cut out ankle boots - Shoe Republic
bold summer accessories - mirrored sunglasses - woven Jcrew belt

Akron Cleveland Ohio fashion

Here's an outfit with a lil bit of cat love. When first seeing this bold feline graphic print top, it was instant attraction. Wearing this lets the world know that I am indeed crazy...without even having to open my mouth. What's better? It serves as an instant creeper repeller. Try it out, you'll thank me, ladies.

Mirrored Sunglasses: Quay (found on Poshmark)  ///  Earrings: Glam & Grace (available here)  Cross Body Bag: Nasty Gal  ///  Woven Belt: JCrew  ///  Cat Top: (available here)  ///  Asymmetrical Skort: (available here)  ///  Pink Cutout Boots: Urban OG (Shoe Republic)

Thursday, July 3, 2014

DIY: Up Cycled Pom Pom Leg Warmers

DIY: Up Cycled Pom Pom Leg Warmers
diy upcycled sweater

add pom poms to clothing

diy pom pom leg warmers

DIY pom pom leg warmers from up cycled sweater

It's been awhile since I've done some unique DIYs! I've had an old Banana Republic sweater (with holes) laying around that I was going to throw away...but I couldn't bring myself to go through with it. The sleeves were still in great condition and I wanted to do something fun with them. Of course, my go-to is always add pom poms...BOOM excellent idea ; ) I can use the sleeves as arm or leg warmers! Also the gray sweater is such a great neutral color and can be paired with almost anything.
This DIY is so easy. All I did was cut off the sleeves at the seems and then glue on little pom poms from the craft store. I used hot glue because I wanted it to dry quickly but you can also use fabric glue. Guys, be bold and adventurous! Socks and sandals are still trending this year, this is a great alternative to the socks.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

INSPIRATION: Vintage Pastel Pink

vintage pastel pink interior and exterior design

I've been so hooked / in love / inspired by vintage pastel pink spaces. Surprisingly, I have ZERO pink rooms in my home (trying to be smart about resale, which is never fun). If the exterior of my house was pink like the above photo, I'd be ok with that. In fact, I'd probably melt every time I saw my place.
Ok, clearly, I've been drooling over glam pink vintage spaces...then I ran into this pastel dresser at The Bomb Shelter. I think I stood there just looking at it for 15 minutes. The detail and imperfections are gorgeous. I'm going to continue to let this style be my current inspiration for my entire design world...maybe I'll create that dreamy pink space after all...

Monday, June 16, 2014

MY CLOSET: Positive Vibes

I try to avoid looking forward or backward and try to keep looking upward

Akron, Ohio fashion street style
Qupid Cutout Shoes - bright lemon lime

Akron street style - statement necklace

positive inspirational spiritual t-shirt fashion - downtown Akron

statement necklace - gray lipstick
Tees & skirts are my wardrobe staple this Summer. Like in a previous post, I've been going for the funky / glitzy statement skirt and a casual all balances out. This top is a Forever21 find on Vinted. Typically I like to leave phrase t-shirts for the youngsters to wear but this was oh-so-fabulous. This is such a great simple spiritual message on how to live life and it serves as a reminder on how to live each day.
Hat: ASOS  ///  Sunglasses: Spitfire (Buy from Nordstrom)  ///  Necklace: (buy here!)  ///  Cardigan: Karmaloop  ///  Clutch: The Limited (Buy here!)  Tee: Forever21 (bought on Vinted)  ///  Sequin Mini Skirt: Karmaloop  ///  Cutout Shoes: Qupid

Friday, May 30, 2014

MY CLOSET: Summer Punk Details

Akron Ohio Fashion - summer punk style

pink hair - happy script necklace

accessory fun - pretty gold accents

Akron Ohio Fashion - summer punk style

pastel pink watch - vintage gold bracelet - arm party
I enjoy all the details of this causal outfit. There's a ton of gold accents, lace trim and studs. Each piece is quite bold in it's own way, it makes a statement and adds to the overall look.
I actually had an older woman say that I look weird and pretty all in the same sentence. She had a confused yet happy look on her face, so I accepted it as a compliment. She was working at an antique mall in PA and I bought this gorgeous vintage gold bracelet from her. It was a steal at $15... this style of bracelet would be $75 or more at JCrew. I mean, just look at that beauty, just look.
Also, I want to shout out to Vintie, avrilscloset. I purchased the stockings from her on Vinted and I LOVE them. She's a fabulous seller!

Hat: ASOS  ///  Sunglasses:  NastyGal  ///  Happy Necklace: (get it here!)  ///  Tie Dye Tank: TJMaxx ///  Trim Shorts: Gabes  ///  Stockings: Vinted  ///  Watch: (get it here!)  ///  Gold bracelet: Vintage find  ///  Spike Envelope Purse (get it here!)  ///  Leopard Cutout Shoes: (get them here!)

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

GLAM & GRACE STUDIO: Pom Keychains

neon pastel yarn pom poms

Pom pom crown headband
pom pom pin accessories

handbag accessories - pom pom pin with fringe

handmade yarn pom pom pin
I'm enjoying working with these neutrals, neons and pastels. These colors make my heart flutter just a smidge. I've been making a bunch of these pom pom pins as wedding accessories for a rad NY couple. I truly hope they enjoy these little pops of colorful fun as much as I do.
For these pins, I've combined several elements; poms, beads, and fringe. Also, each one is totally unique. My favorite way to style one of these pins is to rock it on a handbag. Perfect little (yet bold) accessory!