Sunday, October 12, 2014

MY CLOSET: Brown & Black - Drape Harness

Black & Brown - Cleveland Ohio fashion blogger
Simple Drape Body Harness - Cleveland Ohio handmade design
fall floral - pattern mixing
Fall Floral - Cleveland Ohio fashion blogger

brown and black fashion - Cleveland fashion & style - body harness

Mixing black and brown is a favorite for fall. I figured it'd be a perfect look to introduce one of my new handmade designs...I'm super excited to be adding trending leather accessories to my line. This item, Simple Drape Harness, is currently at a special introductory price (snatch it up now!). It's such a simple element yet adds a touch of toughness to your look. More new design releases coming soon!

Hat: Nasty Gal  ///  Mirrored Sunglasses: Zero UV  ///  Leather Body Harness: Glam & Grace (NEW DESIGN - in the shop!)  ///  Necklaces: Glam & Grace (in the shop!)   ///  Top: Nordstrom Rack  ///  Studded Olive Tote: Rampage (buy here)  ///  Floral Pants: Zara  ///  Studded Boots: Jeffery Campbell Lita

Friday, October 10, 2014

LIFESTYLE: Designing A Life

She designed a life she loved - inspirational quote
design and create a life you love
relax and enjoy life - inspirational
once she stopped rushing through life, she was amazed how much more life she had time for - inspirational quote

You Are In Control Of Your Time

A week or so ago, I was going outside to relax and enjoy the sun. Someone very special to me stressfully said they wished they had time to do such things and they needed more hours in the day. I was so saddened by that statement but understood it completely. I used to let phrases like that spill out of my mouth as well...I used to believe it as truth. But luckily the truth is, each person controls how they spend their time and what they value. Some people really believe that needing more time is just a fact of life...but don't buy into that lie! Prioritizing your time is key.

Simplify Your Life 

I broke free after having a string of meaningless jobs which consumed my days. At the time, I thought these jobs were just life & that's what others around me told me. (wrong) I thought I had to keep showing up each day because "that's just what you do" (wrong) and especially because it was paying for the lifestyle I had created.

I knew there was more to living. The lifestyle I was aiming for started shifting. Wanting things became unnecessary when all I wanted was to take charge of my life and how I got to use my time.  So then I started to prioritize my time and live simpler. The less things you want, the less time you spend stressed out wanting. Note, the key is wanting less and realizing what is / isn't needed in life. If your focus is the pursuit of things, it will be a never ending chase and that has no value nor does it lead to personal growth.

Design A Life You Love

After making some major changes in life, I now spend my time doing what I love... creating...and I do so on my own schedule and my own terms. I work on various projects from my jewelry/accessory line to graphic design work. I can pick clients I align with. I'm happy to work with them and they are excited to work with me. It's a beautiful thing. I'm in control of my creative work, it's up to me to make it fulfilling. Even better I'm seeking a simpler life all together. I moved to a simpler and smaller space. I got rid of so much that I owned and now I'm surrounded by less clutter. That kind of beauty and freedom is far greater than anything.

There becomes a time when you're deep in meaningless routine, whether you're stressed or just lacking personal growth, you need to ask yourself: what do I spend the majority of my time doing? Does it align with my values? Is it necessary? What do I enjoy most? Dig deep and then take action.
Regardless of where you're at, you can simplify your life & create a life you love.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

MY CLOSET: Leopard & Chambray

leopard print & chambray - unpolished grunge Jcrew outfit
Akron Cleveland Ohio fashion style blogger - leopard romper

Glam & Grace handmade jewelry Cleveland Ohio

ASOS Minkpink sunglasses - front and back earrings - crew hat

Cleveland Ohio fashion blogger - street style
Ok, first things first...I'm shaking my head at myself right now realizing how many style posts I've done wearing leopard. The animal print overload is actually not intentional. Haha! I promise to die it down a bit.

I like to consider this look "Unpolished Jcrew". I've paired a Jcrew hat & (wrinkled) chambray button up shirt with a cutout shoulder crop top and a Karmaloop one piece leopard romper. Its an interesting blend of street style and classic prep style. - - - It's easy to go to one store and deck yourself out in only their clothing...You might end up having some boxed up style but you'll lack individuality. Challenge yourself to explore styles and brands. Mix & combine them. Break all the rules!

Lets talk about my sunglasses obsession right quick...gah! Yes, those frames are mirrored in the front, a gorgeous silver. These beauties are by Minkpink and I snatched them up from ASOS at a crazy low price.

Also, you can pick up my handmade jewelry line (pictured above), from either my shop or on Vinted!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

DESIGN CRUSH: Lulu Frost X Houghton

Oversized ear cuff - NYFW 14 Lulu Frost X Houghton
Original photos from

Just when I thought the ear cuff trend was over, Lulu Frost and Houghton's New York Fashion Week collaboration made my jaw drop. These are some gorgeous, bold, on-of-a-kind and elegant statement ear coverings. You can always count on Lulu Frost to take it to the next level. Mad love for these beauties!

Monday, September 22, 2014

TRENDING: Top Fall & Winter 2014 Hairstyle

Fall 2014 Top trending hairstyle - short bangs cropped at ear - Nasty Gal

Each season Nasty Gal continues to blow us away with style and trends...including hair. This hair cut is everything and it has bombarded viewers in the latest new arrival photos for NG clothing. The style is so fresh, distancing us from the old and setting a clear path to move forward. I love this look, no outdated hair will do!
(Original photos from Nasty Gal )

Friday, September 19, 2014

DIY: Concho Belt

Diy Concho Belt - southwest style
leather strand concho belt DIY
DIY southwest style concho belt
Diy concho accessories - put a concho on it

New obsession: Concho evvverything. There are a ton of accessories out for fall featuring these shiny silver, domed pieces. Instead of paying a hefty price, just try this super simple concho belt diy.

All you need are silver conchos from your local craft store and whatever color of leather strands you'd like to use. (Both can be found in the leather goods section.) For my belt, I used two strands of leather to add some thickness and two different shades of brown for variety of color. Cut your leather so it's long enough to comfortably tie around your waist. Once your have the base of the belt ready, all you need to do is slide on the conchos. It's up to you how many you'd like to use and how you'd like to space them. Experiment to see what you like!

There are so many other applications you can use this "belt" on as well. Try adding it to different accessories! I had fun tying it around a hat and a fringe purse...which leaves me starting #putaconchoonit. We'll see if it catches on ; )

Thursday, September 18, 2014

LIFESTYLE: Simplify Your Closet

Simplify Your Closet - Less Mess = Less Stress
Organize by De-owning
The Challenge: Only keep items you wear and love

Ladies, Vinted & I also have a special giveaway for you! WIN a $30 Vinted credit to score some free items! To enter, comment on this post with your Vinted user name. You must be a Vinted member 
to go ahead & sign up! If you have any questions about how the credit works, read the
FAQ on Vinted's website.

Vinted Giveaway - contest

De-Clutter Your Closet

I have a healthy and bold challenge for you all. You know your messy and overflowing closet you keep trying to ignore? Let's dig deep and actually take a look at what we've got...and nope this isn't your normal organization post...I'm just flat out encouraging you to simplify your wardrobe. Time to de-own the unnecessary.

I mean, let's be honest, your closet could use a breather anyhow. Besides, the seasons are changing and it's the perfect time to take a good hard look at what we should keep and also items we don't need. Getting rid of the items you don't wear will also help you to easily find & locate the ones you love, (sad but true).  Remember, The less external clutter in our lives = the less internal clutter.
If you want to read more about why it's good to simplify your closet, check out what cool dude, Joshua Becker has to say.

Vinted - Buy, Sell & Trade Clothing

Another HUGE plus, here's where Vinted comes in, you can sell your rad items you used to love but just don't wear anymore! De-owning is the easiest way to organize and you'd be making money selling your clothes on Vinted! Also, you can get rid of a handful of items and then maybe buy a great neutral fall sweater or denim from a fellow Vintie. Win - Win!

My Fall Style

This season I'm trying to focus on a limited color palette, neutrals (as pictured above and here). This makes it easier to mix and match my clothing. I also, picked up a great pair of Free People bells on Vinted from Vintie, Heyitsaprilll. Absolutely perfect!
Free People on Vinted