Monday, July 27, 2015

TRENDING: Button Front Skirt

button front skirt trend
The button front a-line mini skirt is the current "it" skirt. I've been seeing it in a variety of fabrics including denim, suede and corduroy. With it's high waist, it's good to pair with a crop top or tuck in a blouse with long bell sleeves. Rock that 70's vibe. 
Here are a few options to shop: 

Original photos found here:  1  ///  2  ///  3  ///  4

Friday, July 24, 2015

MY CLOSET: All Denim - All the Time

Trending denim on denim outfit
denim with denim - fashion typography
chambray and denim outfit - Cleveland Ohio fashion

All denim everythang, all the time.
Ok, so a denim outfit isn't anything new. (I know we all remember Brittany and Justin.) ...but somewhere, somehow, someway wearing the blues (all blue) has become the norm...the new neutral...the new everyday look. I'm down with that. Supposedly jeans are on their way out but that doesn't stop us from wearing chambray button ups and denim, everyday.
Ok ok, so maybe not evvvvvvery day but the simplicity sure is attractive and I think that's why I'm drawn to it.
I like to have different washes as well as varying styles so I can easily mix up my look. When paired together, the light and dark washes contrast each other and look great together. Check out the outfit details below.

Top photo from left to right
Outfit 1: Zara chambray button up shirt & Abercrombie high waist mini skirt
Outfit 2: Missguided denim button up dress
Outfit 3: JCrew chambray button up shirt & SheInside denim midi skirt
Outfit 4: Goodwill thrifted chambray ruffle button up shirt & pleated chambray high waisted shorts

Monday, July 6, 2015

LIFESTYLE: It Is What You Make It

It is what it is - It is what you make it
It is what it is. That's a common little phrase we like to toss around. It's a handy line used to help us cope with unpleasantries, helps us deal with the unexpected in life.

It gets scary when we use it to justify things we shouldn't be accepting so settling into a safe ho-hum lifestyle or doing mediocre work. We often use it as an excuse to give up and not try harder. You know how it goes...just accept whatever it is and move on.

Yikes! Sound the alarm! That line just got worn out.

The good thing is, in life, we have options. We can choose how we react, how we we problem solve situations. Yes, every single one of us. We can choose so much more than settling for the mundane or whatever gets thrown our way. Let's create our way instead.

Personally, being a designer, we are creative visual problem solvers. I'm trained and encouraged to think through diverse perspectives and situations. It's not only my job but an excellent philosophy to live by. It's a lifestyle. There's always more than one solution to every problem. Sometimes you have to wrestle with ideas, put in the work and enjoy the process.

Just remember everyone won't always be on board with you. Anytime you create or show people a different way of doing things, you'll get resistance...and usually that means you're doing something right. Don't let others sway your thinking. Go head first making the most of situations.

I've learned that MOST of the time, it just isn't what it is what you make it.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

MY CLOSET: Simple Summer Basics

Cleveland Fashion - Simple Basics
Cleveland handmade jewelry - Glam & Grace

Ohio fields and fashion - minimalist boho style
Cleveland Fashion Blog - Asos studded ankle boots
Cleveland Ohio handmade jewelry
High-low t-shirt dress and fringe belt

Perfect white t-dress for Summer: Found! This high-low style maxi is so simple, comfy and comes at a killer price. It's a basic that has the wardrobe staple alert ringing loud. Throw this on with a pair of ankle boots and you're good to go.

Its interesting how both the minimalist lifestyle and minimalist fashion has been trending the past few years. I'll take both, please & thanks. That's my style lately for clothing, all simple everythang. Then of course, my accessory game adds a little extra style. I've paired down my color palette and everything can mix and match. Style simplified and consistent.

White t-shirt high-low dress: Sheinside  ///  Fringe Belt: Asos  ///  Studded Ankle Boots: Asos  ///  Necklace & Earrings: Glam & Grace  ///  Sunglasses:  Asos

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

SAVE THE DATE: The Cleveland Flea

The Cleveland Flea
The Cleveland Flea

This weekend, I'll be back at the Cleveland Flea on June 13! I'm currently working on getting all the goods stocked up. My best sellers will be there, Skinny Bracelets for only $10, Leather Strand Bracelets for $20 and new feather items from $10-$25.

Come take part in the raddest urban treasure hurt around. Some cool vendors to check out are: Donut Lab  ///  Randy's Pickles  ///  The Felty Florist  ///  Yellow Cake

Tuesday, May 26, 2015


Cleveland Fashion - Oversized shirt dress
Cleveland Fashion - loftYRU Xena Shoes - Rose gold cutout boots
Cleveland Fashion - PYLO oversized shirt dress salem bra
Cleveland Fashion - PYLO oversized shirt dress salem bra
Cleveland Handmade - Souls Repurpose
Cleveland Fashion Blogger - PYLO Salem Bra - Luna Necklace
Handmade Drape Body Harness - Cleveland loft
Outfit brought to you from one of my newest fav shops, PYLO. These guys are killing it with their product line, they have a solid look. The oversized dress, bra and moon necklace are all from their shop.
Also, the geometric earrings are handmade locally in Cleveland by Jessica at Souls Repurpose. Check out her website to see all her designs.

Hat: ASOS  ///  Feather Earrings: Glam & Grace  /// Copper Geometric Earrings: Souls Repurpose  ///  Body Harness: Glam & Grace  /// LA Luna Necklace: PYLO  ///  Salem Bra: PYLO  /// Oversized Shirt Dress: PYLO  ///  Y.R.U. Xena Shoes: Dolls Kill

Saturday, May 9, 2015

EVENT: 2015 Goodwill Good Style Fashion Show

Cleveland Fashion - Goodwill Good Style Fashion Show 2015
Goodwill Good Style Fashion Show 2015 - Cleveland Fashion
Goodwill Good Style Fashion Show 2015 - Cleveland Fashion
Goodwill Good Style Fashion Show 2015 - Cleveland Fashion
Goodwill Good Style Fashion Show 2015 - Cleveland Fashion
Goodwill Good Style Fashion Show 2015 - Cleveland Fashion
Goodwill Good Style Fashion Show 2015 - Cleveland Fashion

Cleveland, thanks for coming out to the Goodwill Good Style Fashion Show! Man, you guys showed up, the house was packed at Windows on the River! Goodwill hosted such a beautiful event and it was amazing to be part of it. Back stage was buzzing with excited models and unique, creative collections from all the bloggers.

I thoroughly enjoyed creating & styling my collection, Modern Graphic. Thanks to the hair and make up team who provided killer looks for all the models there! Also big thanks to everyone modeling my styles. Everyone was so lovely to work with!

All the clothing items from my collection were finds from Goodwill stores. I was able to thrift some lovely pieces from Zara, Jcrew, Betsey Johnson, Target, H&M and Ralph Lauren. The vintage statement boots were thrifted and then up cycled into a trendy boho style using another Goodwill item, a belt, as a key element in the design. All the jewelry in Modern Graphic are my own designs. Sstyles can be purchased at