DIY: Holiday Pine Decorations

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Holiday Pine decorations
winter potted pine decor
winter / Christmas pom pom decorations
holiday pom pom decor
using pom poms for Christmas decorations

holiday potted pine arrangement decor
DIY Pine decor

Things I love: being creative with what I have and not having to buy things I don't need. So of course, using fresh pine for the winter / holidays is THE BEST way to decorate. Not only is it simple, but it's free (wink wink)...just go outside and do a lil snippy snippy and you're well on your way.

I chose to make potted arrangements but you can also make bundles to hang. Using various greenery is also a plus. I was able to find several different types, including Boxwood, Pine, Arborvitae and Spruce. All the different textures and slight color variants create interest and makes your arrangement more unique.

Now about some added color...Pom poms! You already know I was going there. These babies have been my easy-peasy go-to for pops of color for yeeeeears. They never fail me. They're quick to make, inexpensive and won't shatter like ornaments. There are many ways to make these guys...I have the plastic craft store pom pom makers in many sizes and they serve me well.

You might be wondering what to put everything in. I like to reuse my summer flower pots. I have them in red and chartreuse which is perfect for Christmas decor as well. If you don't have any flowers pots available, you can grab a plain terra-cotta pot for a few bucks and spray paint it. A vase you have sitting around is a great option too. Hint: mini versions would make great holiday party/ Christmas dinner table toppers.

For assembly, I arranged the greenery in layers and packed it in full so nothing would fall out. The longer stems are in the back and shorter in the front. I kept each kind of greens together so they formed their own layer. Other elements you can add in are pinecones (you can glitter these, you can spray paint these - go nuts) or some of your tree decor. I used some sparkly snowflakes and sparkly accent stems.

Christmas is quickly approaching but this is so quick and easy you can still make it happen. It looks beautiful as indoor decor or outdoors on a porch. What a lovely holiday gift it would make as well!
Enjoy & Happy Holidays, everyone!

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