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Sunday, January 3, 2016

Cleveland Ohio fashion - street style

Cleveland Fashion Blogger - Asos - NastyGal - Zara

NastyGal Statement Necklace - Laka Collar Body Chain

Rusts, browns, mauves...all the muted tones. But of course, I wanna talk accessories...
It's all in the details. I believe that accessories make the outfit. They take you from plain Jane to polished. Ok, maybe not polished...they won't iron your wrinkled clothes or remove cat fur for you...but they add a level of uniqueness, style and completeness to your look.

The quality of the accessories are also something to consider and a big factor. It's the most important part of your look. You can be wearing a t-shirt or even a trash bag for that matter, paired with a great necklace and killer shoes? Boom! You're good to go & can pull anything off. And guys, I'm not saying to go off and buy expensive designer brands, that's definitely not the case. Go for quality designed items that will last.

PS: And i know you're asking, "hey what's up with the flowers growing out of your body?"
Well, I'm a little salty I haven't gotten to wear a floral crown this week so I'm trying to do my best to get by....which means adding floral illustrations to anything that I can. Hopefully another fresh flower DIY will be in the works ; )

Hat, Necklace & Top: NastyGal  ///  Vest & Belt: ASOS  ///  Mauve Pants: Zara  /// Snake Print Heels, Double Sided Earrings: Aldo

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  1. Nice hat :)
    Maria V.