DESIGN CRUSH: Best Finds on Etsy

Saturday, January 2, 2016

The Good Machinery - resin bracelets


Anna Joyce handmade handbags - Etsy find

Artefacts Collections


YAYOI Jewelry - Etsy finds


Etsy Finds:

Here we go! I found a few notable goodies on Etsy. These shops were stand outs for their overall aesthetic, desirable items, cohesive line and general breath of fresh air. I picked a variety of styles to accommodate various tastes. Check out their shops and support these bad ass makers.

THE GOOD MACHINERY - resin bracelets

ANNA JOYCE - hand painted, hand dyed fashion & home accessories

ARTEFACTS COLLECTION - upcycled vintage kilim textile handbags, geometric wooden jewelry

YAYOI JEWELRY - quartz crystal statement jewelry

DRESS.DANCE.SING.LOVE.LIVE. Store - hand dyed home goods, handbags and accessories

Etsy Real Talk:

Oh Etsy, the frustration. It might make you cringe even thinking about shopping on the site. While it once was a powerhouse for indie designers, it's now filled with anything from mass produced crap from China to your every single friend who puts a bead on a string. Heck, I think my cat is even on there selling his fur balls.
Let me tell you it was a frustrating experience rummaging the site for designers, but once I found them, the struggle was all worth it. I've been hunting for original designs and creatives who kick ass at what they do. I know they're out there and I want to support them and be inspired by their awesome. (Keep in mind, this is only what I could find.)

Etsy Search Tips:

Know the buzz words for what you're looking for.

To find anything worthwhile on Etsy, you need to be specific. I used trending grouped keywords in my search, (more the better), tassel statement jewelry, geometric statement pendant, quartz crystal pendant, crushed pyrite pendant, rope fringe necklace, copper rope necklace. Being too general will land you in the desert with no water in sight.

Favorite all the shops and items you're interested in

This is somewhat of a handy little tool. Base on items and shops you favorite, Etsy will suggest similar shops/items for you to check out. Its another helpful way to shift through the frustrating mess.

Unfortunately, those are all the tips I have. The site has become so saturated that it's a struggle to find what you want. Good luck and I'd love to hear about your favorite makers and designs!

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