GLAM & GRACE: HandCrafted Mineral Lipstick

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Vegan all natural handmade lipstick
Cleveland Handmade Cosmetics
All Natural & Hand Crafted Lipstick with packaging
All Natural & Hand Crafted Lipstick in trending colors
Handmade in Cleveland Ohio - on-trend & fashionable items
You guys!!! I'm excited to be launching a set of handcrafted mineral lipsticks. This trendy lip wear not only feels amazing on your lips but it's chemical free! You can feel totally at ease when you wear it. I've been working hard perfecting the recipe and blending the perfect set of on-trend colors. There are currently 6 colors available with more on the way.
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They will also be available at The Cleveland Flea October 10th and Crafty Mart November 28 & 29th.


  1. These look awesome! :) Is there a chance I can pick 2 of them up locally?


    1. Hi Megan! I'll be at Crafty Mart the 28 & 29 also, shipping is reasonable from my site