DIY: Cake Decorating with Fresh Flowers

Saturday, August 8, 2015

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rustic cake with flowers
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DIY boho cake with flowers

Rustic Boho Layer Cake with Fresh Flowers

If you know me personally, you're well aware I'm like an little old lady who loves tending to her summer flowers. Unfortunately living in my loft, I'm unable to have flower beds anymore but I'm still finding ways to incorporate pretty greenery and lovely live flowers into my life.
This was my first experience designing a cake with real, fresh flowers. It was great & it was nerve-racking...but I highly recommend doing it. 

The layer cake is white cake with vanilla buttercream. I frosted only in-between layers and the top of the cake. Keeping the sides unfrosted provides the rustic boho look. It gives off an unperfect vibe, which I love. Decorating with buttercream (instead of fondant) and embracing it's messier quality, is my absolute favorite.


Pick a variety of flowers

I chose some vibrant peachy orange/pink roses as a main focal. As supporting cast, I wanted greenery. I used killer lime green mums and leafy eucalyptus stems. All 3 plants have a very different look which gives variety to your creation. The varying visual texture makes it more interesting to look at.

Layer and Pile it On!

Don't be shy here. Why not heap on the flowers? Go for it and make a statement. I started with a blanket of rose petals and then placed a group of flowers on top as discussed below.

Create a Focal Point

I grouped a large rose, some sprigs of eucalyptus and a few mums on the top of the cake. This arrangement grabs your attention and creates visual interest. In one spot lower on the plate, I also gathered a few blooms to make it look like a cascading effect. 

Dealing with the natural & fresh aspect was challenging. The eucalyptus and mums are quite resilient while the Roses are quite delicate and will wilt a little more quickly. I had a couple of back up roses for a quick replacement after I arrived to my destination. It's good to keep all the flowers in water and then place them on the cake at the absolute last minute.

All in all, it was a fun experience. I just had to go with the flow and learn as I went along. The flowers were gorgeous and made for a lovely presentation. I can't wait to give it another try and experiment with different flowers.

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