LIFESTYLE: It Is What You Make It

Monday, July 6, 2015

It is what it is - It is what you make it
It is what it is. That's a common little phrase we like to toss around. It's a handy line used to help us cope with unpleasantries, helps us deal with the unexpected in life.

It gets scary when we use it to justify things we shouldn't be accepting so settling into a safe ho-hum lifestyle or doing mediocre work. We often use it as an excuse to give up and not try harder. You know how it goes...just accept whatever it is and move on.

Yikes! Sound the alarm! That line just got worn out.

The good thing is, in life, we have options. We can choose how we react, how we we problem solve situations. Yes, every single one of us. We can choose so much more than settling for the mundane or whatever gets thrown our way. Let's create our way instead.

Personally, being a designer, we are creative visual problem solvers. I'm trained and encouraged to think through diverse perspectives and situations. It's not only my job but an excellent philosophy to live by. It's a lifestyle. There's always more than one solution to every problem. Sometimes you have to wrestle with ideas, put in the work and enjoy the process.

Just remember everyone won't always be on board with you. Anytime you create or show people a different way of doing things, you'll get resistance...and usually that means you're doing something right. Don't let others sway your thinking. Go head first making the most of situations.

I've learned that MOST of the time, it just isn't what it is what you make it.

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