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Friday, October 10, 2014

She designed a life she loved - inspirational quote
design and create a life you love
relax and enjoy life - inspirational
once she stopped rushing through life, she was amazed how much more life she had time for - inspirational quote

You Are In Control Of Your Time

A week or so ago, I was going outside to relax and enjoy the sun. Someone very special to me stressfully said they wished they had time to do such things and they needed more hours in the day. I was so saddened by that statement but understood it completely. I used to let phrases like that spill out of my mouth as well...I used to believe it as truth. But luckily the truth is, each person controls how they spend their time and what they value. Some people really believe that needing more time is just a fact of life...but don't buy into that lie! Prioritizing your time is key.

Simplify Your Life 

I broke free after having a string of meaningless jobs which consumed my days. At the time, I thought these jobs were just life & that's what others around me told me. (wrong) I thought I had to keep showing up each day because "that's just what you do" (wrong) and especially because it was paying for the lifestyle I had created.

I knew there was more to living. The lifestyle I was aiming for started shifting. Wanting things became unnecessary when all I wanted was to take charge of my life and how I got to use my time.  So then I started to prioritize my time and live simpler. The less things you want, the less time you spend stressed out wanting. Note, the key is wanting less and realizing what is / isn't needed in life. If your focus is the pursuit of things, it will be a never ending chase and that has no value nor does it lead to personal growth.

Design A Life You Love

After making some major changes in life, I now spend my time doing what I love... creating...and I do so on my own schedule and my own terms. I work on various projects from my jewelry/accessory line to graphic design work. I can pick clients I align with. I'm happy to work with them and they are excited to work with me. It's a beautiful thing. I'm in control of my creative work, it's up to me to make it fulfilling. Even better I'm seeking a simpler life all together. I moved to a simpler and smaller space. I got rid of so much that I owned and now I'm surrounded by less clutter. That kind of beauty and freedom is far greater than anything.

There becomes a time when you're deep in meaningless routine, whether you're stressed or just lacking personal growth, you need to ask yourself: what do I spend the majority of my time doing? Does it align with my values? Is it necessary? What do I enjoy most? Dig deep and then take action.
Regardless of where you're at, you can simplify your life & create a life you love.

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