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Sunday, September 28, 2014

leopard print & chambray - unpolished grunge Jcrew outfit
Akron Cleveland Ohio fashion style blogger - leopard romper

Glam & Grace handmade jewelry Cleveland Ohio

ASOS Minkpink sunglasses - front and back earrings - crew hat

Cleveland Ohio fashion blogger - street style
Ok, first things first...I'm shaking my head at myself right now realizing how many style posts I've done wearing leopard. The animal print overload is actually not intentional. Haha! I promise to die it down a bit.

I like to consider this look "Unpolished Jcrew". I've paired a Jcrew hat & (wrinkled) chambray button up shirt with a cutout shoulder crop top and a Karmaloop one piece leopard romper. Its an interesting blend of street style and classic prep style. - - - It's easy to go to one store and deck yourself out in only their clothing...You might end up having some boxed up style but you'll lack individuality. Challenge yourself to explore styles and brands. Mix & combine them. Break all the rules!

Lets talk about my sunglasses obsession right quick...gah! Yes, those frames are mirrored in the front, a gorgeous silver. These beauties are by Minkpink and I snatched them up from ASOS at a crazy low price.

Also, you can pick up my handmade jewelry line (pictured above), from either my shop or on Vinted!

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  1. Hey there! I love your style :) I found your blog through vinted. How did you start doing your style posts? I want to start but idk where to start. Do you take your own pictures or does someone do them for you? Get back to me when you can :)
    <3 Tia