DIY: Concho Belt

Friday, September 19, 2014

Diy Concho Belt - southwest style
leather strand concho belt DIY
DIY southwest style concho belt
Diy concho accessories - put a concho on it

New obsession: Concho evvverything. There are a ton of accessories out for fall featuring these shiny silver, domed pieces. Instead of paying a hefty price, just try this super simple concho belt diy.

All you need are silver conchos from your local craft store and whatever color of leather strands you'd like to use. (Both can be found in the leather goods section.) For my belt, I used two strands of leather to add some thickness and two different shades of brown for variety of color. Cut your leather so it's long enough to comfortably tie around your waist. Once your have the base of the belt ready, all you need to do is slide on the conchos. It's up to you how many you'd like to use and how you'd like to space them. Experiment to see what you like!

There are so many other applications you can use this "belt" on as well. Try adding it to different accessories! I had fun tying it around a hat and a fringe purse...which leaves me starting #putaconchoonit. We'll see if it catches on ; )

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