DIY: Vintage Rattan Chair Makeover

Saturday, July 19, 2014

DIY Vintage Rattan Chair makeover

Vintage Rattan Chair makeover - yarn

Vintage Rattan Chair makeover - yarn weaving

Vintage Rattan Chair makeover - geometric & tassels

Vintage Rattan Chair makeover - geometric & tassels

Spray paint solves all, is what I like to say. A fresh coat of paint transforms an item from trash to treasure (when using the right colors, of course.) This beauty of a chair was snatched up at Goodwill Akron for around $15. I'm one that can look past it's initial appearance of faded, stained and drab because in my head, a design party is taking place...imagining the possible new life for this aged chair.
Design Decisions:
I spray painted the whole things gold. Not a huge difference in tonal range from it's original color but it gave unity to the piece as well as added a lovely metallic sheen. Instant new life. Of course, I used to my go-to, inexpensive way of adding detail, color and texture...yarn. I experimented with weaving it throughout and around the edge. I created a cool focal geometric shape in the center...time consuming but worth it. Fringy tassels were also placed around the edge for interest.
Ok guys, let's hear from you, how would you have styled it?

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