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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Trending Unicorn Fashion - Always be a Unicorn

Always be yourself, unless you can be a unicorn. Then always be a unicorn

holographic case - rainbow platform shoes

Pastel Unicorn Fashion
Holographic phone case - Lime Crime - Urban Decay

awkward family photos - girl and cat- Bonlook La Marquise

When given the chance, always be a unicorn...and let's be honest, everyday is a chance. Ok, so I think it's no secret, I'm super hip to late 80's and early 90's style. My current icons are my childhood faves, like My Little Pony and Gem. I strive to boldly rock those looks, no shame. Oftentimes, I look like a unicorn without even being consciously how i've been wearing my hair lately, I didn't even realize it's awesome till I saw the photo with the beheaded Unicorn. This is pretty great, right?! It's to the point where I look like a mythical creature without awareness. I'm ok with this, and I encourage you to do the same.
Can we please talk about Lime Crime lipstick? My goodness, it's amazing. Their bold opaque colors are pure amazingness. The color I'm wearing is called Chinchilla and if I were you, I'd go ahead and "splurge" on this cool product. You can find the rest of the outfit details below!
P.S. Oscar the cat love unicorns as well...clearly.

Glasses: Bonlook La Marquise  ///  Earrings: {Vintage} The Hidden Pearl   ///   Lipstick: Lime Crime - Chinchilla  ///  Layered necklaces and Bracelet cuff: Glam & Grace vinted and Glam & Grace shop  ///  Mint Mini Bag: buy here  ///  Unicorn Sweatshirt: MLK Clothing  ///  Pink Chrome Metallic Skirt: MLK Clothing

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