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Monday, May 12, 2014

Goodwill Akron Blogger Style Challenge

Styling my outfit for the Goodwill Fashion Challenge

Goodwill Akron Thrifted Style Challenge outfit

Goodwill Akron Style Challenge Fashion Show

Saturday was the Goodwill Akron Blogger Style Challenge and the store was buzzing! I had a fabulous time hanging out with other area bloggers (including Dina's Days who planned the event!) and chatting with shoppers. For the challenge, we each had $20 to spend and 30 minutes to scour and ransack the store. (just kidding about the ransacking, wink wink). Thankfully, I shop at the store quite often and knew exactly where I needed to go to search for fab finds. I had an idea to try and do a trendy layered look with some sort of a very unique statement piece. First thing I wanted to find was a great skirt...and man, I found a gorgeous fringe maxi. Boom! There was my statement piece! I then based my outfit around it. The fringe was a very bohemian style so I looked for casual neutrals to go with it. For an interesting twist I added a dark gray metallic sparkly Zara top to layer. I felt it added some color depth and a hint of glam to the look. As I was lost in happy designer/styling land, time flew by and it was time to show off our looks! It was cool to see all the other bloggers finds & treasures...and also how they styled them. This was such an inspiring community event. I hope more events like this pop up. It's a great way to show that fashion is about style and not having to spend big bucks.

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