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Monday, January 20, 2014

Casual Street Style - Akron Ohio fashion blogger

ZeroUV sunglasses - earrings, The Hidden Pearl, Cuyahoga Falls

vintage style - Akron Ohio Fashion

Ohio handmade jewelry - Akron fashion

Casual Street Style - Akron Ohio
NOTO wrap - Missguided studded hat
Here's a rainy day casual look I threw on last week. I wore basics with some rad statement accessories...great street style! These relaxed "combined" pants from Zara are my jam! They are half sweatpants, half denim. Weird, right?...but awesome.
The shawl from NOTO really topped off the casual clothing items. I love being able to drape on a patterned accessory...without it being a scarf around my neck. I have jewels to room for a neck scarf! haha! The cool blues of my necklace and boots added the extra punch and color contrast I was looking for. The vintage earrings are from a great shop in Cuyahoga falls, The Hidden Pearl.
I love exploring local shops during my lunch break like NOTO and the Hidden Pearl. Anytime I can support people who love what they do, I'm game. If you're in Northeast Ohio, be sure to frequently shop at these boutiques.

Hat: Missguided  ///  Sunglasses: ZeroUV  ///  Earrings: (vintage) Hidden Pearl  /// Necklace: AC Design (my line)  ///  Shawl/Scarf: Noto  ///  Sweatshirt top: Jcrew  ///  2-Tone Pants: Zara  ///  Blue Boots: vintage (ebay)

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