DIY: Polka Dot Sequin Sweater

Thursday, November 14, 2013

DIY sequin polka dot sweater

DIY sequin sweater
DIY sequin polka dot sweater - upcycle project
DIY sequin polka dot sweater - upcycle project

Have any old sweaters that are just taking up drawer space? This cardigan was a little too plain for me, the style isn't anything special so I decided it was time for it to go...NO wait! was time for me to get creative and turn it into a trending look. Glam it up!
I've been waiting to do a patterned piece with sequins for a while. So glad I chose this. It's such an easy DIY with fabulous results!

You'll need:
Sequin Ribbon (as seen above)
Felt circles (you can buy them precut or cut your own circles)
Fabric Glue

Simply glue the sequin strand down while winding it around the felt circle. I starting from the center, made sure the sequins slightly overlapped so it covered the entire felt.
Once you have as many sequin dots as you'd like, you can start figuring placement on your sweater. I played a bit with this, trying to get the dots a good spacing from one another. Then either glue them down with the fabric glue or sew them on. I decided to glue mine.
I love the results! So glam!