AC DESIGN: New Fall Line

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Akron OH fashion and handmade jewelry

Akron OH fashion and handmade jewelry

geometric and striped statement necklaces

handmade tortoise statement necklace - Akron OH fashion

handmade statement jewelry - Akron OH design and fashion
Had a WILDLY AWESOME time getting the lookbook shot for my fall line on Sunday. It was great to see everything come together, jewelry, outfits, location and then seeing these final shots. Lots of work has went in to the creative process for the jewelry itself AND for the direction of this shoot.
I love to create jewelry that is able to be layered and paired with one another. There are two separate necklaces styled in each photo...Wear it simple or create a killer statement necklace.
Also, I'm in the process of changing the company name so stay tuned! You can shop all these pieces on the AC Design site