DIY: Sandal Embellishing & Customizing

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

DIY rhinestone and tassel sandals

DIY sandal embellishing
DIY wrapped rhinestone sandals

DIY high end tassel customized sandals
Want some fashionable artsy feet this summer without paying the high price? Jazz up a pair of sandals you already have. Anytime I can experiment and customize a piece, you know I'm all over it. These sandals have been sitting around unworn collecting dust...I'm really into statement footwear right now so these in their original state were pretty plain and blah for my taste. Instead of letting them sit there alone crying, I decided to invest my love into their poor soles (heh). I kept the Sam Edelman line in the back of my mind while giving these an update...attention to detail, patterns, mix of colors were all key thoughts. AND whenever I create anything the goal is to make it look high end. If it looks "crafty" it's getting thrown in the trash (crafty = pet peeve!). 
For the Strap: I used rhinestone chain of top and wrapped a cute black and white thick woven string around the strap, between each rhinestone. Just glue your string to the bottom of the strap to secure it.
Tassel: I cut several pieces of string and leather, folded them in half, and glued them into a jewelry end cap. (You can find these at a craft store) To secure it to the sandal, I just tied the tassel with an extra piece of leather.
Feel free to ask any questions of share how you've updated your summer sandals!