MY CLOSET: Casual Weekend Wear

Friday, May 10, 2013

pom pom keychain - oversized sweater - Zara leopard shoes

studded hand bag - Zara studded leopard shoes

handmade rhinestone jeweled statement earrings
Spring has arrived...AND I got a bike! I snagged this baby at a thrift store, what a great buy. You can find me zooming around in lovely casual outfits consisting of oversized tops, bright colors & multiple patterns. The extra details on these items give a casual look a little extra kick, which you know I'm all about. Oversized Sweater (a favorite) and bright jeans: Free People  ///  Shoes: Zara  ///  Scarf: Jcrew  /// Messenger bag and sunglasses: NastyGal  ///  Earrings: AC Design  ///  Pom Pom Key Chain: The Glam &Grace shop.