GREAT FINDS: special effects nail polish

Friday, February 1, 2013

bright nail polish - crackle - turquoise - special effects
bright colors - nail polish - special effects

bright nail trends - special effects - crackle
I kind of have this problem when I go into Sephora, I get sucked into buying more then what I went there for. It definitely doesn't help when all the associates recognize me because I'm in there so much and start excitedly telling me about the new product that they just got in which they know I'll love. Ha! I love it, It's always good times. 
Recently, I found these GORGEOUS colors in the clearance spot. My heart fluttered especially when I saw they were only $5. Score! Nails Inc. is now one of my favorite nail polish brands. The pink (not on nails) is Islington crackle. Turquoise is Clapham crackle. My favorate, mustardy-cheastnut color is Hampstead Gardens.