SPACE PLANNING: painted patterned floors

Sunday, October 7, 2012

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I'm a sucker for patterns....and painting. Normally I would be 100% against painting over wood floors... BUT, this would be the perfect solution for my attic space. Right now it's partially carpeted (and that wasn't even done well) I was talking with my friend who worked as a contractor for awhile about how I wanted to tear up the carpet and "restore" the wood underneath (sand and stain) He told me it wasn't actual wood flooring it was just the wood baseboards and that wouldn't work out well blah blah blah. (Still don't know what that really means haha) With that being said, simply painting over it will be the most cost effective and visually appealing choice. I have to decided on design, colors and then tear out the carpet, remove the staples and clean up/prep the floor. It'll be a process but hopefully the outcome will be well worth it.