DIY: Sweater - mini yarn bows

Sunday, September 16, 2012

DIY sweater mini bows
grab an old sweater and yarn to create a fun update for your fall wardrobe

yarn typography

DIY sweater mini bows
DIY sweater mini bows
loop, tie and cut! bows and more bows...and a little added crumpledness. sweater love!

My inspiration is a sweater from Jcrew that I've been eyeing. It's gorgeous and of course holds a pricy tag. To be honest, I'd rather spend that money on other things (like 3 sweaters). So I of course had to try a DIY.
First off I love the vintagey feel of these cutesy mini yarn play that up I used a chestnut brown color. The Jcrew sweater has the bows placed in structured lines. I chose to just place them randomly, covering the front of the sweater. This sweater has a looser knit which made it easier to pull the yarn through the holes...(I used small jewelry pliers I had laying around to have a hold of the yarn helpful!) From there, I just made a simple knot and cut the yarn strand...instant bow.