DIY: Gold boots - style update

Sunday, September 30, 2012

DIY gold boot update

outdated gold boots
Original, outdated boots...ready for an update!
DIY Gold Boot update - adding buckles
adding belts for detail...buckles are a fun element to add
DIY Gold Boot update
There's nothing better than taking something you already have (something you are contemplating tossing to the trash) and giving it new life. These were boots I bought back in 2006 while in NY.  Being a bit out of date now, they haven't been worn in years. 

Last year I stumbled upon Luxury Jones boots (peep this awesome: 1 // 2 // 3 )...drooling ever since! I've had my mind set on searching for the perfect vintage boot to experiment with and make a similar look. Little did I know, I had a great pair to use already in my closet!

I was about to throw them out... (trying to make room for these amazing new gold boots from Zara) I luckily got curious to what the inside leather color looked like and what they would look like folded over. Hello beautiful chestnut leather! Folded over, they made the most perfect new and stylish ankle boot. I grabbed some old belts out of my closet and started experimenting to add some detail. I ended up just running to target to pick up some new belts which perfectly wrapped around 3 times. 

Talk about from trash to treasure, these are now one of my fav boots again!